Ask Dr Nandi

The Dr. Nandi Show is unique in the world of television. Yes there are guests that share their stories and world-class experts who share their knowledge, but it is the host that makes it so special. Every episode of the Dr. Nandi Show tv show is a glimpse into the world of Dr. Partha Nandi. Airing in 95 million homes in the US and over 80 countries; the Dr. Nandi show is without a doubt a global success. Dr. Nandi’s approach to discussing health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle not only incorporates compassion but also a sense of community, purpose and most importantly spirituality. His tremendous ability to connect with others (even while the Ask Dr. Nandi Show is rolling) allows him to develop a bond between himself and his guests. The Dr. Nandi TV Show is a medical lifestyle show whose mission it is to improve the health of America and the world with compassion, empathy, and integrity.

Starring: Dr Nadi
Category: New Releases, Talk Show