Bullets Over Brownsville

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Bullets Over Brownsville

91 minutes

Four parallel stories converge in one of Brooklyn New York's most notorious neighbourhoods. Imagine a place where life is held with little regard, where dreams die young and innocence is forever lost, where drugs are accessible like corner store candy and kids are forced to grow up way before their time. A place where a typical Exit sign can be a symbol for hope and freedom. This is a neighbourhood portrayed as a microcosmic reflection of life buried deep in the belly of the beast. Bullets over Brownsville is a cautionary tale that chronicles the lives of four Brooklyn housing project residents caught in an absurd web of violence threaded into a narrative that marries fiction and reality. The story centres around Mark, a common drug hustler who watches from a distance out of his apartment building window in Brownsville Brooklyn, the daily events that takes place in his community.

Category: Dramas

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